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「Korea Node」
Asia optimized Network

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Price 19.00USD Monthly
  • CPU:Intel Xeon 1 cores
  • RAM :1GB&(Based on KVM)
  • System Disk:20GB SSD
  • Data Disk:20GB SSD
  • Bandwidth:1 Mbps
  • Traffic:Unlimited
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Price 29.00USD Monthly
  • CPU:Intel Xeon 2 cores
  • RAM :2GB&(Based on KVM)
  • System Disk:20GB SSD
  • Data Disk:40GB SSD
  • Bandwidth:2Mbps
  • Traffic:Unlimited
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Price 39.00USD Monthly
  • CPU:Intel Xeon 4 cores
  • RAM:4GB&(Based on KVM)
  • System Disk:20GB SSD
  • Data Disk:80GB SSD
  • Bandwidth:4Mbps
  • Traffic:Unlimited
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Price 59.00 USD Monthly
  • CPU:Intel Xeon 8 cores
  • RAM :8GB&(Based on KVM)
  • System Disk:20GB SSD
  • Data Disk:200GB SSD
  • Bandwidth:8Mbps
  • Traffic:Unlimited
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Frequently Asked questions

Below is a list of possible questions that may arise. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We suggest choosing a server based on the server configurations, e.g. CPU, memory, size of hard disk, type of data redundancy and network traffic.
Generally speaking, the higher the concurrency of the website, the higher the hardware configuration of the server and the larger the bandwidth required. Of course, the actual situation of your website program code/database performance also needs to be considered. If your business is a vulnerable type of attack, it is recommended to buy services that are defence to DDoS attacks.

Yes, you can get unlimited root access. With full root admin access, you can at any time customize your dedicated server and get unrestricted access to your computing resources.

Yes, you can connect multiple servers via private network with $0 setup fee in Korea Datacentre. However, you will need to subscribea private switch. Contact us for a price estimate.

We provide 7x24 hours of technical support, including: server restart / reinstallation of servers, to keep the server can be normally connected (remote desktop or SSH mode), and to solve network issue.

Our Korea/Hong Kong datacenters are all based on BGP links and have access to China Telecom (CN2), China Unicom (CU) and China Mobile (CMI). In most cases, access to mainland China will be very perfect.
However, due to the blockage of the international exports of Chinese operators (CT/CU/CM), or submarine optical cable accidents, we can‘t fully guarantee that the high network latency and packet loss caused by the above situations will not occur.

We do not provide backup service free of charge. Clients are responsible for backing up all data. If you would like to use this service, please call us for a price estimate.

We accept Paypal, Alipay, WechatPay, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer and cheque(Malaysia only).

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24/7 Online Technical Support If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.